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Glow Keychain with a Breathalyzer

0.70 Ounces
4 1/4" W x 3/4" H x 3/4" D
FDA 510k Cleared - Medical Device
US Patented:
#7285246, #7837936
Country of Origin:
Made in USA
Yes, Prop 65 Safe:
Non Toxic - US Made - Glow in Dark Material
$14.99 (O)
Per Piece

Glow Keychain with a Breathalyzer


Glow Keychain with a Breathalyzer


This item CANNOT be purchased online. Please see Product Bundle if you want a sample.

Each Glow Keychain contains one single-use disposable alcohol breathalyzer. The keychain functions as a re-usable and re-fillable protective container for the breathalyzer. Breathalyzers can be custom ordered in .02%, .04%, .05% and .08 BAC. Breathalyzer are individually sealed for safety insude a poly bag and include a how to use instructional sheet. 

The BreathIQ keychain is compact and convenient, and it easily fits in your pocket, purse, small compartment or inside a vehicle glove-box. 

Protect your Family and Friends, Peers and Co-Workers. Perfect for Students, Employers, Motorists, Motorcyclists, Boaters, Marine and Cyclists. You can Save-A-Life by choosing active bystander intervention, and simply using the BreathIQ breathalyzer to check someones impairment.  

If you suspect someone is under the influence of alcohol and is unsafe to operate a vehicle or perform other duties, check them with the breathalyzer tester. 

This is not a self test. Alcohol impairs judgement. Please read instructions carefully prior to use.

Operation SafeDrive. You Can Save A Life!! from BreathIQ on Vimeo.


Our glow technology was originally developed for the US Airforce. This is an extra safety feature that makes our keychain visible in low light conditions. Lose your keys? Just turn off the lights and look for the glow.

Photolumenescent Features:
• Made in the USA
• Prop 65 safe materials
• Glows for 24 hours
• Re-charges in seconds
• Re-charged by any light source (sun, flashlight, headlights, lamp, ect..)
• Can be re-charged for 20 years plus.
  (Our original generation 1 keychains still glow in the dark after almost 20 years.)

When charged by any light source (sun, flashlight, headlights, room lights) the initial glow is similar to a glow stick and, or chem light. If you simply walk into a dim room from the outside you will immediately notice the keychain glowing. It takes seconds to charge the keychain. If you left the keychain next to a light source, and suddenly the power goes out you would immediately see the keychain glowing and giving off a low level ambient glow.

Great as a low level night light for your nightstand and, or for those bathroom visits in the middle of the night. In low light conditions there will always be a visible soft glow that will remain for up to 24 hours.

Duration of glow and intensity (time estimate)
• Initial brightness will last 5-10 minutes
• Secondary brightness level about 30-45 minutes
• Around 45 minutes the glow will stabilize

In total darkness and once a person’s eyes have adjusted to the dark the keychain can be used to read something, to navigate an area, as a safety signal or as a directional marker. The keychain can be re-charged indefinitely by simply placing it in a well lit area or close to a light source.     


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