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    Free Shipping in Continental USA Only!The breathalyzer tester comes pre-packaged inside our glow in the dark keychain.  The keychain is essential as it functions as a protective container for the breathalyzer, it is also re-usable,...

Increased Alcohol Misuse Due to Covid-19

Alcohol consumption has soared due to Covid-19. Sales of spirits have increases by 75% compared to last year, and online alcohol sales have jumped by 243%. It is common for people to use alcohol as a way to self-medicate as they try to cope with stress.

People are afraid about their well-being and health, and that of their children and loved ones. There is a high level of uncertainty about the future and high unemployment. Forced confinement is making difficult relationships even harder while others are feeling depressed due to the self isolation. These are some of the stresses people have to live with due to Covid-19, and this is leading to greater depression and anxiety which is causing people to consume more and more alcohol.

In addition, as restrictions begin to ease we can expect a spike in DUI’s, fatalities and other alcohol related incidents. People are going to go out and drink a lot more as they seek to have fun, socialize, enjoy their increased freedom and take the edge off. The Covid-19 pandemic has and will further increase alcohol misuse, and the negative impacts will be felt on our roads, in our communities and in our homes.
When we think ahead and prepare accordingly we can influence outcomes and save peoples lives.

Arm your family! Arm your friends!

Protect them with our life saving breathalyzer keychain, it will save a life!

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