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Basic Introduction to Operation OverWatch and the LifeGuard

The Operation OverWatch program will help to stop the suicide epidemic that has been impacting our veteran and active duty communities. This is a proven evidence based approach pioneered through ground safety on a service wide basis. The program parameters are easy to traineasy to understand, and easy to implement. This program can easily and quickly be integrated into existing suicide prevention programs, or be used as a standalone program. 

Alarmingly, alcohol has been found to be the most common and consistent factor contributing to suicide.[1] [2] Therefore, by removing alcohol from the equation, this will certainly cause a significant reduction in suicides.

In addition, we seek to re-introduce the basic core values and camaraderie that forged the foundation of our military culture. These core values are trust (trusting your brother or sister), integrity (knowing your brother or sister depends on you), code of honor (the honor of protecting each other and keeping each other safe), and responsibly to each other (two is one and one is none). This is why the program LifeGuard is essential to providing Overwatch to a fellow service member and, or veteran.

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